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About behindtheURL

behindtheURL is a site by Matte Elsbernd. It is part of The Firm List Network of sites, having emerged from the site The Firm List.

Started in 1999 as a tool to help Matte do verifications on firms submitting themselves to be listed, the site first offered a simple WHOIS search interface. As the web grew more complex and started offering a wide range of new TLDs (the .com and .net extensions on URLs) Matte added a guide to what those TLDs represented and where you could find more information and even register them. This guide, appropriately named TLD, has helped Matte and many others find a new range of URLs to register.

Following the central theme of providing information about the URLs we mindlessly type into browsers every day (and once again to provide a tool useful to Matte himself) Matte introduced whatWEBserver? which allows you to find out what type of web server a particular website is running on (for example Apache). Just a little tool, maybe useful, maybe not.

Stay tuned for even more tools to help you get behind the URL.
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